Research shows that Abilia´s cognitive assistive tools give users a more fulfilling life

Research studies provide strong evidence that Abilia´s cognitive assistive tools support users in structuring and managing their daily lives, taking control, and give increased confidence, independence and participation in daily living and working life. Allowing our users to get a more fulfilling life.

The studies also conclude that providing users with cognitive assistive tools improves the quality of daily life, allows the possibility to work more and gives greater job satisfaction for family members, carers and clinical staff.

Become independent and participate in society
Use of Abilia´s tools contribute to increased independence, facilitates independent living, makes it possible for users to influence everyday life and take part in society on equal terms.

Users feel that they are in less need of support and are less dependent on others to plan and manage their daily living and feel more motivated and willing to take initiatives and take part in more enjoyable activities. The users find themselves taking more initiatives to interact and make contact with other persons. Bringing with it the possibility to live a good life and participate in society, in school and at work at the same conditions as anyone else.

When the users become more independent, family members and carers experience that they can reduce their support time. They feel less stressed, more calm and find that they have more time for their own activities and working life, giving them increased quality of life.

Increased confidence to handle daily living
Users feel they are in better control of events and get less stressed. The tools prevent unexpected events, increase predictability, give the users better ability to cope with difficult situations, make them feel more secure and relieve their anxiety. The feeling of being in control builds up self-esteem, making the user more comfortable in social situations and giving the user increased confidence in being able to plan and manage their daily living on their own.

Improved ability to structure and manage time and daily living
Abilia´s cognitive assistive tools help users to keep track of days of the week, dates and time, and to structure, manage and carry out daily activities, enhancing the user´s ability to concentrate and supporting them in remembering events. The tools compensate for a lack of time-processing ability and life becomes more manageable and easy. Studies even conclude that using the tools can develop the users’ understanding and feeling for time as well as their memory capacity, making it possible for users to plan, structure and manage daily living on their own.

Increased probability of getting a job and keeping it
Use of cognitive assistive tools, such as Abilia´s, increases the probability of users getting a job and keeping it or working more, either in the open employment market or within the salary-subsided market. This results in  a better economy for the user.


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